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Buckhorn Lake by TheFireSage Buckhorn Lake :iconthefiresage:TheFireSage 2 3
Bring Me to Life
How can you see into my eyes, like open doors?
Leading you down into my core, where I become so numb?
Without a soul, my spirit's sleeping somewhere cold.
Until you find it there in me and lead it back home.

Link let out a cry as he jumped through the air.  It was a perfectly aimed strike, aimed right at the Ganon beast's head.  The sword imbedded itself in the great beast's skull.  "Six Sages, now!" Zelda cried, as the Master Sword began to glow, in order to lock Ganon in the Dark Realm.  
"No!  Curse you, Zelda!" Ganon howled.  "Curse you, Sages!  But most of all, curse you Link!  I'll take you down with me!"  As he finished his curses, a dark ball of energy appeared in his hands, and with every last bit of his power, he hurled it at Link.
(Wake me up)
Wake me up inside
(I can't wake up)
Wake me up inside
(Save me)
Call my name and save me from the dark
(Wake me up)
Bid my blood to run
(I can't wake up)
Before I come undone
(Save me)
Save me from the nothing I've become
:iconthefiresage:TheFireSage 2 2
Meh NEW desktop by TheFireSage Meh NEW desktop :iconthefiresage:TheFireSage 0 2
Dark's Second Chance chap 1
Link waded through the knee deep water as the bars on the door behind slammed shut.  The room was pretty bare, only the water and a dead tree.  He carefully waded to the other side of the room.  Bars there, too.  They looked pretty weak, so Link tried to kick them in.  He groaned in mild pain as his knee locked.  A low pitched, evil laughter filled the room.  Link whirled around.
"Who's there?" he demanded, drawing his sword.
"You, in a way," the voice replied.  A dark figure appeared, leaning against the tree.
"Show yourself," Link growled.  The figure stepped into the little light in the room.  Link's face turned to shock.  It looked just like him.  But, his raven hair and red eyes differed greatly from Link's golden blonde hair and blue eyes.  He wore a black tunic, while Link's was green.  He had a hateful smirk on his face.
"I've been waiting
:iconthefiresage:TheFireSage 5 3
Legend of Love chap 2
"Rosa, any news?" Zelda asked her lady in waiting.  Rosa was the sole person she trusted, aside from Link, of course.
"No, your majesty.  There haven't been any messengers since last week."
Zelda sighed.  "Just let me know if anything changes."  Rosa curtseyed and left the room.  Zelda crossed her room over to the big bay window that overlooked Hyrule Field.  She stared out the window and sighed.  'Where are you, Link?'  Zelda gazed in the direction the soldiers had taken.  'I miss you so much.'  A single tear fell down her cheek.
Link gazed in the direction of Hyrule Castle.  He had been there for a few hours now, and the camp was silent.  His head was resting on his hand, which was resting on his knee.  Link pulled random blades of grass up from the ground.  "Zelda…"
"Homesick?"  Link jumped and turned
:iconthefiresage:TheFireSage 0 0
Legend of Love chap 1
DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything Zelda.  Which is basically everything in this story, so yeah.  
The man stared out over the horizon in the direction of Hyrule Castle.  He knew it was in that direction, but he still couldn't see it.  His golden blonde hair blew in the breeze, slightly covering his face.  Sparkling blue eyes peeked out from behind his hair.  He looked about twenty, and he had green clothes with a matching cap.  The man closed his eyes and sighed.  'I miss her so much.'  He thought of a beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue eyes like his.  Her smile could even put the goddesses to shame.  He smiled as he thought of the last time he saw her.
"I'll come back," he had reassured her.
"How can you be sure?" she had asked, the tears starting to come.
"I love you.  I will see you again, no matter what happens."  He kissed her, and then mounted Epona.  He gave her one last, loving look, and rode off, hordes of soldiers following him.
"I love you, too," she whispered as he rod
:iconthefiresage:TheFireSage 0 1
Heroine of Time chap 6
'Who is that?  Dad?  No, red eyes, black hair…but he looks like Dad…'  These were Leeda's thoughts in her dream that night.  'There's Dad.  But, he's young…like my age…what's going on?'
"Aaaah!"  Leeda woke up from her dream, screaming.  Her breathing was fast and hard.
"Leeda?"  Leeda looked down and saw Lan sitting at the foot of her bed.  "You were groaning so I came to check on you."
"Lan.  I need to talk to Dad."
"He's in the courtyard.  Do you feel better?"  Leeda just noticed she felt much stronger.
"Yeah, I do," she said, smiling.  "Let's go."  Leeda and Lan started toward the courtyard to find Link.
"Dad?" Leeda looked around as they entered the courtyard.
"Leeda!  Are you feeling better?" he replied.
"Yeah.  I feel much better. But…"
Link frowned.  "But what?"
"I had
:iconthefiresage:TheFireSage 1 2
Herione of Time chap 5
'Where am I?' Leeda was thoroughly confused.  She seemed to be floating.  Actually, she was floating.  Leeda was surrounded by white clouds.  She suddenly became aware of a red orb floating towards her.  'Am I in heaven?'  The orb suddenly exploded and left a woman in its place.  She had red hair and an orange dress.  She was floating, and her wings resembled flames.  "Wh-who are you?" Leeda asked, a little uneasy, but still not afraid.  She felt strangely safe.
"I am Din, the Goddess of Power."  As she spoke another orb appeared, this one green, and it exploded revealing another woman.  This woman had green hair and a grass colored dress.  She too was floating with wings resembling giant leaves.  
"I am Farore, the Goddess of Courage."  Then, a third, blue orb appeared to the right of Din.  It exploded as well, and a woman with
:iconthefiresage:TheFireSage 1 0
Heroine of Time chap 4
Leeda was really starting to get sick of warping.  Every time, no matter how she warped, she always passed out.  Leeda would wake up and have to figure out where she was.  It wasn't that hard this time though, as she woke up in her room at Hyrule Castle.  Leeda noticed the sun wasn't shining through the windows in her room.  'Another day passed?  Ugh, at this rate, my whole life will go by in a matter of days.'
Leeda groaned as she sat up.  Her head was still pounding.  For a moment, she was tempted to go back to sleep, but she knew that wouldn't make her head feel any better, so she unwillingly got up and got dressed.  Leeda staggered through the halls of the castle and ran into Captain Orson.
"Are you okay, Leeda?" he asked.
"Yeah, I'm fi-" she paused.  "You called me Leeda."
"I'm sorry, your highn-"
"No.  I like it." she smiled at the captain.  "Thank you." 
:iconthefiresage:TheFireSage 1 0
Meh desktop by TheFireSage Meh desktop :iconthefiresage:TheFireSage 0 0
Heroine of Time chap 3
Leeda left the room she was in and she ran into a Gerudo guard.  "We found you out in the desert, passed out, and we thought you would be safer here."
"Yes.  Thank you, " Leeda replied.
"Are you here to see her?" the guard asked.
Leeda nodded and said, "Yes.  It's important."  The guard led Leeda through the halls of the fortress and to a big, ornamented, metal door.  She clapped her hands and the door opened slowly.  The guard gestured for Leeda to go through, and she walked through the huge door into a well-lit throne room.
"Nabooru?  Are you here?" Leeda asked, her voice a little meek.
"Well, if it isn't the daughter of the greatest male bandit of all time!" Nabooru answered.
Leeda immediately eased up and sighed.  "I know.  He beat me today."
"Don't you mean yesterday?  Warping makes time pass."
"Yeah, whatever.  Wait…what?!  That was yesterday?!"
:iconthefiresage:TheFireSage 1 0
Heroine of Time chap 2
Leeda looked around excitedly as she and her father entered the armory.  She had only been in here once, when she was nine, and was exploring the castle when she stumbled across it.  She immediately began playing with the various weapons when Link had discovered her.  Leeda was grounded for a week after that.
She snapped back to reality as Link waved a hand in front of her face.  "Helloooo?"
"Sorry.  I was just thinking of the last time I was in here…"
Link laughed.  "I remember that."  He handed her two blunt swords.  "We'll use these."
Leeda nodded as they headed towards the training ground.  They passed a lot of people in the hallway, and they gradually picked up a mob, eager to see who would win.  They saw Leeda and Link fight different people, but never each other.  Leeda could swear she heard people saying "This will be good," and "A hundred rupees says Link wins." &
:iconthefiresage:TheFireSage 1 0
Heroine of Time chap 1
Leeda groaned as the morning light stung her eyes.  'Why does morning have to come so early?' she thought.  Her long, brunette hair was going every way and her blue eyes were tired but sparkling.  Leeda's long ears had no piercings, unlike her father.  She reluctantly got up and got dressed.  Leeda went downstairs to find her dad.  'Why does this stupid castle have to be so big?  I hate living here…'
"Captain, have you seen my dad?" she asked Captain Orson, second in command of the army to her dad, as she passed the armory.
"No, Princess.  I haven't seen him yet today."
"Please, would you stop with the princess? My name is Leeda."
"Sorry, your majesty.  Habit."  Leeda groaned in frustration and went to find her dad.
She roamed through the castle, thinking of her birthday next week.  'I'll finally be seventeen, and I can finally leave this stupid castle.  Dad will fight me, but I'm leaving.'  Leeda rammed right into something in her day dream, knocking her down.  "Owww…"
"Leeda!  Are yo
:iconthefiresage:TheFireSage 3 0

Random Favourites

LoZ - Sheik's CheerUp Attempt by bradsgurl LoZ - Sheik's CheerUp Attempt :iconbradsgurl:bradsgurl 819 96 O tanjou-bi omedetou gozaimasu by PropertyoftheUchiha O tanjou-bi omedetou gozaimasu :iconpropertyoftheuchiha:PropertyoftheUchiha 236 224 Uchiha Brothers by osy057 Uchiha Brothers :iconosy057:osy057 6,532 664
When You're Gone - SasuSaku
When You’re Gone
I always needed time on my own.
I never thought I'd need you there when I cried,
And the days feel like years when I'm alone,
And the bed where you lie,
Is made up on your side.
When you walk away,
I count the steps that you take.
Do you see how much I need you right now?

Walking through the tall grass of the open meadow, Sasuke stopped in his tracks to look up at the moon shining up in the sky in all its brilliance; as he released a tiresome sigh. “The moon never really changes. It always rises and falls. It pretends to break away, as it becomes a different shape…but in truth it’s always the same. It never really changes. Not at all,” he noted as his hand holding his Katana quivered with anger.
Forcing his attention elsewhere Sasuke continued to walk further ahead, almost reaching his destination. ‘It’s a shame other aspects of life don’t follow the moon’s example and just keep things the way they are…
:iconuchihaakio:UchihaAkio 155 202
SasuSaku - Storm by Blueyedblonde SasuSaku - Storm :iconblueyedblonde:Blueyedblonde 43 45 Minish Vaati n' Ezlo comic by Koholint Minish Vaati n' Ezlo comic :iconkoholint:Koholint 277 272 Vaati, Wind Sorceror by thelegendoflauri Vaati, Wind Sorceror :iconthelegendoflauri:thelegendoflauri 416 139 LOL BUCKET by terriblenerd LOL BUCKET :iconterriblenerd:terriblenerd 11,827 1,941 Link, Hero of Time by Malici0us Link, Hero of Time :iconmalici0us:Malici0us 22 7 Soren Ike by Rubi-chan Soren Ike :iconrubi-chan:Rubi-chan 742 134 :.EVIL.: by Rubi-chan :.EVIL.: :iconrubi-chan:Rubi-chan 864 98 Ballad of the Windfish by eERIechan Ballad of the Windfish :iconeeriechan:eERIechan 1,704 879 Zelda: Orchestra by Nacrym Zelda: Orchestra :iconnacrym:Nacrym 2,641 256 Zelda: TP bookmark series by Nacrym Zelda: TP bookmark series :iconnacrym:Nacrym 1,656 108 Poe-ssessed by kyuumu Poe-ssessed :iconkyuumu:kyuumu 361 123



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Hello!  I'm newish kinda in a way!  i write fan fics, and I'm currently working on a song fic for Bring Me to Life.  anyway, i'm not really into the whole journal thing, so this is a rare treat! gotta go!


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